Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Festival at Church

OK gang.....Here's a few shots of our costumes from Halloween at our Fall Festival at Church.
My husband, myself, and our two youngest
children dressed up
and had a ball!
We tried to use what we had...
and spend as little as possible just to see it we could!
So I wanted to show you how we had cute costumes,
didn't spend a fortune, and didn't even have to sew!!!
This is how it turned out.....

I started out to be Cleopatra, but ended up just being an Egyptian Queen.

I bought my 'beautiful realistic' eyelashes at Wally World for under $4.

The black hairspray was $2.50.

I bought some gold cording at the shell pendant and a gold belt ($1.25) at the thrift store CHEAP!

And some sandals that I can wear next year for $2.00.

I had everything else at home.

And it's kind of funny

but the makeup is what I use everyday!

I just wore it heavier and made my eyebrows darker!

So my entire outfit was under $10.00!!!!

Here's the rest of the crew! Jonah's 'Brain Surgeon'
(as he called it)
costume came from the thrift store.
It was marked $6.00 but I got it half off.
One of my good friends got his other accessories for him (mask, gloves, etc).
So they were free!
Deidra's princess dress
I also got at a thrift store a month or so ago, cheap!
I bought her some sweet silver shoes
(that she can wear to church)
on summer clearance for $1.oo.
And she wore my jewelry
and a tiera from the $1.00 store.

And this is my super cute husband!!!
He dressed up as the associate pastor at our church, Bro. Bob!
We picked up his sweater vest and glasses (just removed the lenses) at, you guessed it, the thrift store, both for under $7.00.
We bought white hair spray for $2.50.
And he had everything else.
We tried and tried to find a hat but we couldn't,
everyone said that would have made the outfit,
Oh well.

Bro. Bob is a character! He is a true southern gentleman!
Charlie (my husband) had his voice and mannerisms down
to a tee and walked around as 'Bro Bob' all night.
My Husband looked so handsome and distinguished!
I know what I've got to look forward to in a few years
and I say I'm one lucky lady!
Everyone got such a kick out of him.
We had a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship!
Can't wait till next year!!!

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  1. What great memories in the making. Ya'll looked like you had so much fun. Thanks for giving us a peek.

    Have a wonderful week...Tracy