Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Baby's 8th Birthday

my baby turns 8.
I can't believe it.
From the moment he was born,
I didn't want to miss a minute with him.
I have to from time to time.
Just with day to day life and work.
But I have consciously,
From the moment I made the nurses drag over a mirror
so I could watch him come into this world,
I have wanted to savor and enjoy his life.
Jonah has always been a little different
than other children.
Or is it me?
Am I different with him,
knowing he was the last?
I've never disciplined him like I did the others.
I've never had to.
I can tell him not to do something and he does it.

He doesn't lie about it.
And usually
if I have to tell him something more than once,
with a little force,
it absolutely breaks his heart.
He cries and says,
"I'm so sorry mommy, I'm so sorry I was bad".
Breaks my heart!
OK, he's not perfect!

He will test me, just like other children,
But he has been an absolute joy to me.
I prayed over him before he was born
that he wouldn't rebel
and such as other children sometimes do.
That He would be different.
And God has answered my prayers.
Now let me say,
ALL my children are wonderful!
They each have such distinct personalities.

And when it's their birthday,
I will tell you what fabulous qualities they have!

I was looking at what pic I would post
and found several cute ones
from the last couple years that
I thought I would share of my sweet Jonah.

I hope you enjoy!


This morning before school with his frogs he's been wanting for MONTHS!

HE was sooooo excited!!!!

Jonah and our other big baby, Beau.

How hard is it for a kid not to be able to jump in?

Construction kit from last Christmas

Jonah came by after he got a haircut
to see me at my office.

The day Jonah picked out his clothes and dressed himself for school.
(one of my personal favorites)

Jonah with his friend Jake
at his birthday party at the bowling alley

Sweetie Pie

The day Jonah was baptised.

Tin Man at Church
(the one on the right is Jonah, LOL)

He carved this pumpkin himself.
He's so proud!

Me and my baby this year on July 4th.

His first trophy for baseball.
He was so proud!
And I am too!!!!

My baby and my baby!

So Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jonah!
I love you with ALL MY HEART!!!!

I love you forever....I like you for always...
as long as I'm livin'....
my baby you'll be.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our son Joey

Church Camp Luau Summer 2008
Charlie, Joey, Isaac, Carla

Sorry I haven't been able to post like I promised.
This past weekend,
our 16 year old Joey (number 3 of 6) was
admitted to the Hospital
with Stroke Symptoms.
They still don't know what's going on at this point,
but running lots and lots of tests.
This his has definitely put things into perspective for me.
I was so worried about family drama,
trying to figure out how to buy Christmas
gifts for the kids,
work, etc.
Now none of that seems very important any more.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
May God Bless and Keep You.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

Oh how I love Christmas!!!!
I'm listening to Christmas Music, sitting by a fire on a Bearskin rug in one of those beautiful, nice, wonderful super soft robes, sipping Hot Coco as we speak.....
OK, not really.
I'm still at work!
But that's what I'd be doing if I could!
I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged in a while.
I have had SOOOOOO much going on.
And so many pressures of daily life on me!
But I haven't forgotten you!
And I'll post some new pics in a few days.
Of Christmas Decorations!
When....I get them up!!!
But it's soon, I promise!!!
I really let Thanksgiving get by without telling you all what I'm thankful for!
It's so much that I don't have room to write it all!
My God amazes and astounds me daily!!!!
You know, I worry all the time.
I know it's a sin, but I do.
I worry about money,
I worry about my marriage
(even though it's wonderful),
I worry about my kids,
I worry about if my car's gonna break down,
and I worry if I'll still have my job tomorrow!
Because nothing in this world is assured.
But what I don't worry about,
what I have the most peace about.
Is regardless of my circumstances...
My God is the same!
He never changes.
And he's got my back!
There have been so many times in my life
that I didn't know how I was gonna make it.
He has always come through for me!
And I know he will this time....and the next time......
and every time after that!
I say it all the time...
I am so Blessed!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Lunch with Jonah

I had the wonderful opportunity to share
Thanksgiving lunch
with my youngest child, Jonah,
today at his school.
He has been such a joy to me
and I savor EVERY minute I have with him.
His childhood, it seems,
is just slipping thru my fingers.
He will be 8 years old in a couple of weeks
and he has big plans for a party!
I asked someone to snap a picture
of us today in the lunchroom
and it is a little blurry,
but maybe you can make it out.

He still loves me at this point.

I'm not so sure about the teenagers!

Tables at Thrift Store

Hey Folks,
Had my daily pass thru the Thrift Store at Lunch today.
I saw these great tables!

This is the coffee table,

the whole top raises up on it!

The side table.
They all have the black iron bottoms.

The Sofa Table

It raises up as well.

They are very 'rustic' and cute.
Solid Wood.
I would use these out on the back covered patio.
They could be painted, distressed, or left 'as is'.
They were like $28,$38, & $48.
Too much for me right now,
but someones gonna be happy!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Just About Cried

I love Christmas
and I love Thrifty Finds,
so today......
is my day!!!

Here is my advise on the Salvation Army,

or any Thrift Store or Yard Sale for that matter.


You would not believe how much favor you can get!!!!

Just by being nice!!!!!

For example.

I was in the SA yesterday.

One of the employees was putting out some Christmas Items.

Now mind you...

This is a sweet/not so sweet lady

I see in there almost everyday.

I'm ALWAYS nice to her.

Ask her how her days going,

Smile at her,

Please and Thank You's!

This advise is not only about getting good deals.

It's about how to stand out as a Christian.


we might be the only person that's nice to them all day!

I try to remember that it says in Matthew that they

'will know us by our fruits.'

I actually went through a drive thru

at a busy BBQ restaurant close by where I work

a few months ago.

I acted the way I normally do

to the lady at the window.

And she said,

"Do you know you are the first person that's been

through here today that's been nice?"

I have kicked myself over and over

for not having a quick comeback

that would let her know why I am different,

That it's not me,

it's Christ living in me.

But I will try not to ever be caught off guard

if it happens again!

So there is my sermon for the day! BE NICE!

Anyway, back to my story about the SA.

When I was in yesterday looking at some Christmas Stuff,

my worker said,

"Hey, come back in a little while,

I'll be putting out some good stuff".

I thanked her

and told her I wasn't sure if I could

because I go to class on Tuesday Nights.


I was there when they opened this morning!!!!

Here are a few of the cute things I got!!!

Three large Santa's. $1.25 and $1.50 each.

Cute Cute Cute paper mache Santa
and 4 hand stitched stockings.
$.50 cents each!

Snowman family,
Had to nearly fight off a TSD (thrift store diva)
to get the whole set!
(What did I just say about NICE? LOL)
And next.......
I saw it in the back on the wall.....
and I wasn't sure if my legs were gonna carry
me over to get it....
It was one of the most beautiful things
I have ever seen.....
And It was $3.50!!!!!
And now its mine!
I just about cried.....

Its made out of paper mache kind of stuff
and I didn't even notice till I was paying
that Joseph is missing a hand
and the top is broken off
one of the finials.
I don't care.
Just adds character!
And as I was paying,
my employee said,
"I told you to come back"
I am so Highly Blessed and Favored!

Cozy Fire

After a long day at work yesterday
and then school last night,
I arrived home to find this....

My husband had a wonderful fire in the fireplace
and had made spaghetti.
He worked 12 hours yesterday
but still did all that for us.
Nothing like a warm home,
a full belly,
and a loving family!
Wow! I am blessed!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello gang,

I hope all is well today for everyone.

It's beautiful fall weather here in Alabama

and I have so much to be thankful for!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days,

I have been so busy!!!!

I went buy the SA Saturday and saw this kitchen Island

that would be perfect for us

(I could paint it if I wanted
and really fix it up)

with 2 bar stools for sale for $50.00.

We really need this for our kitchen

but money is tight right now

and it's sooooo close to Christmas.

I'm not sure how we're gonna do it this year as it is.

I snapped this pic for my husband to see it.

BTW, it was already gone by Monday.

It woulda' been a perfect fit

but there will be one even better, I know!

'For we know that all things work together

for those who love the Lord

and are called according to his purpose'

Romans 8:28
I just wanted you to see that there are
some great deals out there to be had!
But you gotta have time.....and money!

I'll try to post something really great tomorrow!
I've got loads of work to get caught up on today!!!
Thanks for visiting!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Salvation Army Vase

Hey guys, quick post today.

It's been a trying day...week....month....

I know it's all gonna get better.

I have it so much better than soooooo many.

And I am thankful.

But just like everybody....

sometimes I get down.

And feel really sorry for myself.

So I get up...

and go to work....

and focus on all the positives in my life.

So many that there is not room enough on this page to list. really good thing.

I stopped for a quick run through the Salvation Army

on my way back to work from lunch.

Didn't have much money or time......


Do you know what this is?


A Hand Blown Princess House Crystal Vase.
(it's really hard to photograph clear glass)

It's about 6" high and about 6" wide at its widest.

It was dirty and just mixed in with everyday glass vases.
But It's Beautiful
And I love it!

I have gotten several Princess House pieces

over the last year or so.

People don't know what they are most of the time,

so they are cheap!

I used to sell PH like 15 years ago,

so I appreciate the quality and workmanship

that goes in to their products.

I just can't afford them.

WOW! They are pricey!!!

OK, are you ready for the SA (salvation army) price?

Drum roll..........

50 cents.

Yes.....I know!

Ya know,
people tell me everyday
that they just can't find anything good
when they go to a yard sale or thrift store.
I would say,
most of the time, I don't either.
But then, when you do, it's just GREAT! LOL.
I know, I've finally lost it!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lamp Shade Redo

Hello everyone!
What a beautiful day it is here!
I hope it's beautiful where you are too!
I have been wanting to update my bedside lamp's
in our master bedroom,
but I just didn't really need to break down and buy any.
I love the look of the shade covered in burlap with the monogram on it that Rhoda has in her dining room
And I had some old shades I could use,
but I really don't have anybody around
here that could do the
monogramming for me.
And especially not free and NOW
which is how I like to do things!
So I have just been looking around to see what I could find.
Well, I love Kirkland's
and saw this shade the other day
and I thought
'I can just do that".

First, I found this pair of shades

at a yard sale last Saturday.

It was about 1pm

and they were ready to pack up,

so I got both of them for $5.

Ugly tassels and all!

Here's the shade after I cut off the tassels,
the shade's are really in nice shape.

So I just bought 3 yards of ribbon from Hobby Lobby
(about $3 total)
And tied them on the shades.
Then I pulled out some bases
to put with the shades that
I have had for YEARS.

Cute enough.

But now..... the gold just looks 'too gold' on the bases.

So I got out some
acrylic paint (Espresso Bean)

a sponge brush

And I just started painting those babies,
just kept dabbing and wiping till they looked good.

Much better I think.....But they still need something....

So I bought these monograms at Hobby Lobby.
3 in a pack for $4.
Our last name starts with M.
I coulda' used his initial on his side
and mine on my side.
That would work too.
But I like the M, so I went with it.

They are cute, but too bright for this project.

So I painted them

With the same acrylic paint I used for the bases

So here's the finished lamp's
for my bedside tables!

How cute is this?!!!!!!!
I love it!!!
Maybe I'll make my bed
so I can show you all how they look!!!!

Or maybe not.....
The Jury is still out on that one!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Some of my Thrifty Finds this week.

OK, it's been a gorgeous, relaxing weekend.
Now back to the real world!
First of all,
update on our 16 year old son
that had his tonsils out this morning.
He seems to be doing fine, surgery went great.
VERY large tonsils and adenoids!
So he will feel SO much better now that they are gone
(after the recovery Ughhh!!).
I had a wonderful relaxing day on Saturday!
And I had a very sweet comment about my cheese toast!
My mom was the 'cheese toast' queen and she believed it would cure ANY queasy stomach!
And we were always about cheap and easy growing up!
I guess that's where my thrifty side's from!!
As I posted Saturday, I didn't have to leave the house all day!
But I did!
My husband text me on his way out to work that there was a yard sale down the block from me.
I was positive that I was NOT going!
This was my day to rest!
And I had already spent more than I wanted to at a huge rummage sale on Friday.
I made it till about 12,
then I threw on my clothes,
pulled my hair back in a trusty ponytail,
and I flew down to that yard sale like I knew
they had saved the best stuff for me
(and now it would be cheap
cause the game was starting soon
and you know how we are
down here in Alabama
on game day!)
So I've posted a few things from the Yard Sales, Rummage Sales, and Thrift Store this past week.
Its not all of it,
but I'll share most with you
in the next few days
(what I'm not holding out for gifts)!!!

I got all this for under $8.00!!!!!

If you cant tell....

there are approximately 4o Christmas boxes

(they are actually luminaries,

but I'm gonna fold the top's down

and use them for gift boxes for homemade goodies

for friends, teachers, etc.

There is 2 plastic gift wrap roll storage thingy's

(yes, that is the technical name)

There is a whole role of Disney gift tags.

There is a gift wrap cutter.

Gold pine cone candle, brand new, still in gift box.

Another jar candle with a spicy Christmasy scent.

(luv it, been burning all weekend)

New bag of snow.

2 brand new, unopened in wrapper,

'make it in a jar gifts' books.

Silver fortune cookie that opens up

where you can put a message inside with box.


A Big Cutie Pie Santa


And did I tell you ALL for under $8.00!!!!!

Pic above is one of the Luminaries assembled

Big Cute Santa

I got this huge towel and hand towel, brand new, with tags on.
Both for $6.00

I've already hung them in our guest bathroom!
I would have NEVER paid the price
that was on the tags!!!!
And I get to enjoy them and not have to feel guilty!!!!

Everything in the picture above was 50 cents each.
The jar with a lid is filled with a candle.
The pillow matches my master bedroom comforter
(I'll show you the next time I make it up all the way....
could be awhile!)

These are the cutest booties,
And they are about 6-8 inches high!
They were from the rummage sale at the
Community Church Coalition (CCC).
25 cents each!

And one of my fav's this week,
brings back all kinds of memories for me!
My grandfather had one of these!
He loved to play it (he said for the kids, but HIS eyes twinkled)
and watch Santa ring his bell!!!!
Thrift Store.

I also snatched this old bowl up for $1.50
at the CCC rummage sale

Above is a close up of the old bowl,

I don't know if you can see the old crazing!

I love it!

I always wonder where it has been in it's life.

I can picture it with creamed corn out of

the garden, warming by the stove,

Or beef stew on an old farm table.

I love utilitarian pieces.

This is a paper towel holder we will hang up 'as is'.

My husband doesn't like the one I have in the kitchen now,

it sits on the counter top.

And we really have very little counter space.

The one we have now is really a cute little shelf too!

I think I'll move it to the bathroom

And POOF.......

and it will become a hand towel holder.

With all these new Decorations,

I can't help but to get in the Christmas Decorating mood.

It's taking all the strength I can muster

to wait until after Thanksgiving!

I just don't know if I'm gonna make it!!!!