Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lamp Shade Redo

Hello everyone!
What a beautiful day it is here!
I hope it's beautiful where you are too!
I have been wanting to update my bedside lamp's
in our master bedroom,
but I just didn't really need to break down and buy any.
I love the look of the shade covered in burlap with the monogram on it that Rhoda has in her dining room
And I had some old shades I could use,
but I really don't have anybody around
here that could do the
monogramming for me.
And especially not free and NOW
which is how I like to do things!
So I have just been looking around to see what I could find.
Well, I love Kirkland's
and saw this shade the other day
and I thought
'I can just do that".

First, I found this pair of shades

at a yard sale last Saturday.

It was about 1pm

and they were ready to pack up,

so I got both of them for $5.

Ugly tassels and all!

Here's the shade after I cut off the tassels,
the shade's are really in nice shape.

So I just bought 3 yards of ribbon from Hobby Lobby
(about $3 total)
And tied them on the shades.
Then I pulled out some bases
to put with the shades that
I have had for YEARS.

Cute enough.

But now..... the gold just looks 'too gold' on the bases.

So I got out some
acrylic paint (Espresso Bean)

a sponge brush

And I just started painting those babies,
just kept dabbing and wiping till they looked good.

Much better I think.....But they still need something....

So I bought these monograms at Hobby Lobby.
3 in a pack for $4.
Our last name starts with M.
I coulda' used his initial on his side
and mine on my side.
That would work too.
But I like the M, so I went with it.

They are cute, but too bright for this project.

So I painted them

With the same acrylic paint I used for the bases

So here's the finished lamp's
for my bedside tables!

How cute is this?!!!!!!!
I love it!!!
Maybe I'll make my bed
so I can show you all how they look!!!!

Or maybe not.....
The Jury is still out on that one!!!