Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Saturday Morning!!!
You are not gonna believe this!
I just got up an hour ago, it's 10am (didn't go to school)! and I'm ALL ALONE!!!
I'm flipping back and forth between Flip That House and Lifetime on TV,
and just fixed myself something to eat!!!

I just needed a day that I didn't have to leave the house!

I can't even REMEMBER the last time that has happened.

I've got loads of stuff to do around here and studying to do.
OHHHHHH and the Alabama game at 2:30
(can't miss that, it's a southern thang)
OK, I spoke too soon.
Our 16 year old just got up.....
but that's OK ! He's having his tonsils out Monday.
So I forgive him for spoiling my ALONE time!!! LOL

1 comment:

  1. Hey Carla. I just love you post. I can remember for years eating cheese toast for breakfast or for a snack before bedtime for years as a kid and an adult. You know I had almost forgotten how much I loved that until I saw your post. Thank you. Do you ever eat cinnamon toast? I have a feeling I'm going to go to the store tomorrow and buy some sliced cheese/

    Hugs...Tracy :)