Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kim's Trees

OK, I know it may be too early for some of you,
but I just had to show you a couple of the Christmas Trees my friend Kim has already decorated this year.
She decorates for the public and charges per tree.
She asks that the client have the tree together and
the ornaments laid out that they would like on the tree.
She will also do the shopping for ornaments for the client after they decide on a budget, etc.
I have decorated for people in the past
and I like the way Kim does it.
She does wonderful work.
I thought I would go ahead and post these so maybe we could all get some new ideas and inspirations from these trees.
I love Christmas!!!!

I love the present at the top!!!! What a great idea!!!! And I just wanna lick the lollipops!!!

We've all got Santa's we could add to our tree!!!

I love the initial ornaments. I made some last year that are similar, but this one is really cute!!!

Look at the Santa Hat at the top!!!

Another great idea!!!!

This is the other tree,

I believe in the same house.

Very, Very Pretty!

Thanks Kim for sharing!!!
I can't wait to get started on my decorations now!!!!

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  1. Now I'm really ready to start decorating for Christmas, of course I like some many decorations and themes, I have to put up two trees.