Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall decorations on Large Shelf in My Living Room

This is a large shelf in my living room.
It is so high that I have to have my husband to help me put stuff up there.
Love my husband
But left pumpkin is crooked.
And after it's up, I can't tweak it like I'd like.

I just put the big re-do wreath that I posted a couple weeks ago up there.
I think I'll put a huge Christmas Wreath up there after Thanksvgiving.
Whata you think?
I want a HUGE old round clock.
I might even make one (one day). I saw one made out of paper mache' somewhere. Let me know if you know where I could find some instructions for that.


  1. I remember seeing one made on the Design on a Dime show on HGTV maybe instructions are on the website it was a dining room redo.