Monday, November 9, 2009

Some of my Thrifty Finds this week.

OK, it's been a gorgeous, relaxing weekend.
Now back to the real world!
First of all,
update on our 16 year old son
that had his tonsils out this morning.
He seems to be doing fine, surgery went great.
VERY large tonsils and adenoids!
So he will feel SO much better now that they are gone
(after the recovery Ughhh!!).
I had a wonderful relaxing day on Saturday!
And I had a very sweet comment about my cheese toast!
My mom was the 'cheese toast' queen and she believed it would cure ANY queasy stomach!
And we were always about cheap and easy growing up!
I guess that's where my thrifty side's from!!
As I posted Saturday, I didn't have to leave the house all day!
But I did!
My husband text me on his way out to work that there was a yard sale down the block from me.
I was positive that I was NOT going!
This was my day to rest!
And I had already spent more than I wanted to at a huge rummage sale on Friday.
I made it till about 12,
then I threw on my clothes,
pulled my hair back in a trusty ponytail,
and I flew down to that yard sale like I knew
they had saved the best stuff for me
(and now it would be cheap
cause the game was starting soon
and you know how we are
down here in Alabama
on game day!)
So I've posted a few things from the Yard Sales, Rummage Sales, and Thrift Store this past week.
Its not all of it,
but I'll share most with you
in the next few days
(what I'm not holding out for gifts)!!!

I got all this for under $8.00!!!!!

If you cant tell....

there are approximately 4o Christmas boxes

(they are actually luminaries,

but I'm gonna fold the top's down

and use them for gift boxes for homemade goodies

for friends, teachers, etc.

There is 2 plastic gift wrap roll storage thingy's

(yes, that is the technical name)

There is a whole role of Disney gift tags.

There is a gift wrap cutter.

Gold pine cone candle, brand new, still in gift box.

Another jar candle with a spicy Christmasy scent.

(luv it, been burning all weekend)

New bag of snow.

2 brand new, unopened in wrapper,

'make it in a jar gifts' books.

Silver fortune cookie that opens up

where you can put a message inside with box.


A Big Cutie Pie Santa


And did I tell you ALL for under $8.00!!!!!

Pic above is one of the Luminaries assembled

Big Cute Santa

I got this huge towel and hand towel, brand new, with tags on.
Both for $6.00

I've already hung them in our guest bathroom!
I would have NEVER paid the price
that was on the tags!!!!
And I get to enjoy them and not have to feel guilty!!!!

Everything in the picture above was 50 cents each.
The jar with a lid is filled with a candle.
The pillow matches my master bedroom comforter
(I'll show you the next time I make it up all the way....
could be awhile!)

These are the cutest booties,
And they are about 6-8 inches high!
They were from the rummage sale at the
Community Church Coalition (CCC).
25 cents each!

And one of my fav's this week,
brings back all kinds of memories for me!
My grandfather had one of these!
He loved to play it (he said for the kids, but HIS eyes twinkled)
and watch Santa ring his bell!!!!
Thrift Store.

I also snatched this old bowl up for $1.50
at the CCC rummage sale

Above is a close up of the old bowl,

I don't know if you can see the old crazing!

I love it!

I always wonder where it has been in it's life.

I can picture it with creamed corn out of

the garden, warming by the stove,

Or beef stew on an old farm table.

I love utilitarian pieces.

This is a paper towel holder we will hang up 'as is'.

My husband doesn't like the one I have in the kitchen now,

it sits on the counter top.

And we really have very little counter space.

The one we have now is really a cute little shelf too!

I think I'll move it to the bathroom

And POOF.......

and it will become a hand towel holder.

With all these new Decorations,

I can't help but to get in the Christmas Decorating mood.

It's taking all the strength I can muster

to wait until after Thanksgiving!

I just don't know if I'm gonna make it!!!!


  1. How fun! I love your finds and I'm a little envy of your rummage sale luck... :)

  2. Girl, you got some awesome deals! Loving all of the Christmas stuff!! I'm glad your son is doing well!!