Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Baby's 8th Birthday

my baby turns 8.
I can't believe it.
From the moment he was born,
I didn't want to miss a minute with him.
I have to from time to time.
Just with day to day life and work.
But I have consciously,
From the moment I made the nurses drag over a mirror
so I could watch him come into this world,
I have wanted to savor and enjoy his life.
Jonah has always been a little different
than other children.
Or is it me?
Am I different with him,
knowing he was the last?
I've never disciplined him like I did the others.
I've never had to.
I can tell him not to do something and he does it.

He doesn't lie about it.
And usually
if I have to tell him something more than once,
with a little force,
it absolutely breaks his heart.
He cries and says,
"I'm so sorry mommy, I'm so sorry I was bad".
Breaks my heart!
OK, he's not perfect!

He will test me, just like other children,
But he has been an absolute joy to me.
I prayed over him before he was born
that he wouldn't rebel
and such as other children sometimes do.
That He would be different.
And God has answered my prayers.
Now let me say,
ALL my children are wonderful!
They each have such distinct personalities.

And when it's their birthday,
I will tell you what fabulous qualities they have!

I was looking at what pic I would post
and found several cute ones
from the last couple years that
I thought I would share of my sweet Jonah.

I hope you enjoy!


This morning before school with his frogs he's been wanting for MONTHS!

HE was sooooo excited!!!!

Jonah and our other big baby, Beau.

How hard is it for a kid not to be able to jump in?

Construction kit from last Christmas

Jonah came by after he got a haircut
to see me at my office.

The day Jonah picked out his clothes and dressed himself for school.
(one of my personal favorites)

Jonah with his friend Jake
at his birthday party at the bowling alley

Sweetie Pie

The day Jonah was baptised.

Tin Man at Church
(the one on the right is Jonah, LOL)

He carved this pumpkin himself.
He's so proud!

Me and my baby this year on July 4th.

His first trophy for baseball.
He was so proud!
And I am too!!!!

My baby and my baby!

So Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jonah!
I love you with ALL MY HEART!!!!

I love you forever....I like you for always...
as long as I'm livin'....
my baby you'll be.

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