Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok, First off...let me apologize for not blogging for so long.
It seems......and I know it can happen to the best of us...
That I've just too down to blog.
Sad.......but True.
Our life is just up in the air right now.
And It's so hard for me to decorate or even think about it when
I'm not sure where we'll be living tomorrow.
But a new day.
And I am thankful.
And I choose...
To Go On.
So..... how was your Christmas?
We had a WONDERFUL Christmas.
I hate I've been in such a Funk, cause I got all kinds of new
Christmas Decorations!!!!!
My wonderful mother-in-law sent me practically her whole
Santa Collection!!!!!
And so I have Santa's everywhere!
Yes!!!!! I haven't taken them down yet!!!!
But I'm planning to do that this weekend.
I'm also considering a new business venture.
I'm doing tons of research now...
But if I do.
You know, you'll be the first to know!
Well....since I still have CHRISTMAS decorations up at my house.....
I thought I would share a few pics I snapped recently while visiting Anthropology.
Wow! Some really awesome things.....
At a really awesome price!!!!
(Exaggerating....too expensive for me)
But I love to go in and get wonderful ideas!!!!
So enjoy!!!!
And it feels good to be back.

I love this, This would be fairly simple to make. But it just looks so great here!

I'm so into the Farm House Look now!!!
I love this!

Looks so easy
but would my kids try to eat
the fake snow?

This looks so much like a ironstone
compote I got at the SA
a couple months ago!!!!

So random, but beautiful

Love old stuff given new life!

They even make silverware look pretty!!!

Hey!!!! I bought some skates just like this at

a local habitat re-sale shop a little while back.

I paid $5!!!!!!!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pics.

And I promise, I'm back.

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