Monday, January 18, 2010

Remnants of Christmas 09

Well, It's already on the downside of January,
so Christmas 09 is officially over.

And finally...

The mystery of the missing ornament has been solved


This was our Dog Beau's face that was on our family

Christmas Ornament from Last year.

It mysteriously went missing before the ornament even went on the tree this year

But 'nobody' did it.

So we will most likely never know who did it

or how it happened,

but its one of those things that you just have to laugh about

one of those 'family mystery's' that will most likely

never be solved.

But it's really no biggie,

I'll pick one up somewhere before next year,

Cause I wouldn't want Beau to feel left out.

I also came across this pic I had snapped of one

of the presents I wrapped.

Isn't it amazing what one little thing can
add to a wrapped gift?

I got my hubby to cut a few pieces of greenery
from an old fake tree we were throwing away,

and I just stuck a piece or two on this present.

I stocked up on this wrapping paper after Chritmas last year.

I love the polka dots.

I also have it in black

You can really use both of them year-round.

I would give just about anything if I had taken pictures

of the presents my mother-in-law had under her tree

at Christmas this year!

Everyone of them were beautiful!!!

She took so much time and care with each one.

It was such a shame to have to tear them open!

Ahhhhh, so now the decorations are put away

and the tree's finally down

And Foxy Mama can see out of the window again

Or maybe....she's watching for Santa to come back!

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