Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's SA cute finds

Here's a couple of cute things I picked up at the Salvation Army today.

Very pretty, Large, Heavy White Compote (I guess that's what it is). Has some crazing on it (which I love by the way) and is marked on the bottom. Needs a good cleaning but I think its very pretty. Marked $4.00.

Here's the mark, might be hard to read, but maybe someone can recognize it?

Cute medium size berry reindeer basket. It was new and still had a $15.00 Hallmark tag on it. SA price........$1.50.

This cute little childs chair was only $1.00!

They had a couple more things there I would have liked to have had but were marked too high. I hate that. I think it's all according to WHO is doing the pricing! After all, it is the Salvation Army!!!

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