Monday, October 26, 2009

Luv Me a Good Yard Sale!!!

Ok, Saturday morning, on my way to school, I hit a wonderful yard sale! Not ONLY was I the first one there (whooooohoooooo!!!!), the people that were having it were so interesting!!!! They had been missionary's in Africa years ago and are getting ready to go back! I think I bought everything she was getting rid of that she had brought from their travels there! And you talk about cheap!!!! There's nothing worse to me than seeing things I love, want so bad, and would treasure, and them being out of my budget! So this one was a SCORE!!! I snapped some pictures of PART of my new treasures...........

Above is most of the things from Africa. My FAVORITE is the tray. She said a friend, a little old lady, had given it to her and it was made by her son. It is hand carved out of one piece of wood! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It was.......are your ready?.........$2.00!!!!!!!! The baskets are made by hand and I got them for like $1 each (one might have been 50 cents)!!!! The candles were not made in Africa she said but I thought they blended well with the other stuff. They are really big candles and I can turn them around to the other side if I want to and it has a wilderness scene. I plan on burning them since I heard that an unburned candle is really sad looking. I burn all my candles now and its beautiful. I was always guilty of 'saving' them for company! Aren't we important too? I just try to find most of mine at yard sales so I don't feel like I'm 'burning' money! LOL. The 2 textiles in front are handmade as well and were 25 cents each I think and one is a hanging tapestry. I'll post it when I get it hung on the wall.

The pic above is a side and bottom view of the hand-carved tray.

Above is another shot of the baskets.

My goofy husband demonstrating how one of the baskets is to be used. He's so funny!

You can see on this pic how its made from one solid piece of wood.

This is a close up of some of the detail work on the inside of the tray.

More detail work.

Decorating books. 50 cents each.

Frames, some were 10 cents each. A small hot glue gun and new sticks, both $1.00, some small pine cones and filler for 10 cents I think. 2 metal marshmallow/wiener roasting sticks, both for $1.00

2 brand new feather pillows!!!! She said she had gotten them for a gift and had never used them!!! Wow!!! Hey, with 6 kids, pillows are a hot commodity at our house!!!!

As are sheets. Here are 2 full size sheets....and they were.....FREE!!!!! Awwwwww........don't judge me, we've all slept at hotels, the sheets are not new there!!!! After hot water and bleach....these will be great! And this woman was neat and clean, I woulda slept at her house!!!! LOL

These are a couple more of the books I got, one for devotions for the kids, 50 cents, and the other a vintage friend book for 10 cents that will be darling to pass on in a friend gift basket!!!

This was interesting, she said some of the Africans will make anything out of practically nothing. This box was made out of shoe polish tins. I thought one of my boys would like this for storing little treasures (you know, little cars, pennies, frogs, LOL).

Here's another shot. It was 50 cents I think and also included with it was an elephant candle holder made out of the same material that I will try to post later.

There is some other things I got here that I will give for gifts, etc.

So, as you can see, I got some great things, and met some really wonderful, interesting people! Wow!!! I luv me a good yard sale!!!!

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