Thursday, October 29, 2009

A make-do bow

Hello My Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

My husband dropped by my office today on his way to visit his dad in the hospital who has just had hip replacement. His birthday is tomorrow and he had his gift for me to wrap.

Now again......I'm at work.

This is what I had with me at work wrap the present........

Some wrapping paper I bought 1/2 off last year at Christmas at Hobbly Lobbly.

I did have the normal office stuff, scissors, tape, etc (thank the Lord).......but no bow.

My husband said he could just grab a stick on bow somewhere on the way.

I told him definitely not! That's like a clip on tie! LOL.

So then I had an idea.........

I saw this.............

Our candy dish!!!!!!!

So here is the finished product..........

It's amazing what a little clear tape and staples will do!!!! (Imagine what I coulda done with some hot glue!!!!!!

Necessity is definitely the mother of invention!!!!

Oh, and he loves candy!!!!!

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