Friday, October 23, 2009

Here is a large grapevine wreath that I bought at a yard sale a couple weeks ago for $1.00. It was covered with hot glue and all kinds of 'yucky' stuff. I simply flipped it over the the other side, dug into my bin of artificial flowers I have accumulated through the years. I bought this cute scarecrow at Family Dollar for $4.00 and this roll of decor Poly (for the bow) for $6.99 (I used less that half the roll).

So whata ya think?

You really can't tell how big it is. I'll post a picture of it hanging on the wall.

I don't think it's bad at all for a total cost to make of about $7.50!!!!!!!

Here's the grapevine wreath I started out with.


  1. What a great transformation! I love the orange bow!


  2. Thanks Leann!!! You are my first comment....besides my husband...and he's trying to just be sweet!!! I've got so much more to post!!! So stay tuned!!!!

  3. What a cute wreath! I'm new to blogging also, It's lots of fun. Stop by for a visit soon! Good Luck!