Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Claudie Bell singing with the Angels

Hello everybody!!!!

This weekend has been a full one to say the least!!! My husband's last surviving Grandparent, his 'Grandmother', has gone to be with her Heavenly father and to receive her Reward for a life spent serving God. She was 90 and passed within minutes of us leaving her side Friday night. It's a joyous time... in that.... not only is her struggle her on Earth over, but several relationships are beginning to be restored due to the family fellowship over the weekend. I know Ms. Claudie Bell is proud! I didn't have the privilege of knowing Grandmother when she was healthy, but by all accounts, she was a strong woman when it wasn't cool to be. My husband's paternal Grandfather died when his dad was 12 years old and as I heard this weekend, they didn't have "a pot to pee in" (it was said a 'little' differently, LOL). She worked 2 jobs at a time to make ends meet and married again, years later when her kids were grown. She was so strong willed, that at Christmas, when we were there to visit her, she couldn't talk but she was smiling.... when she eased a little bell she had hid (from under her pillow) to show us. They thought they had hid it from her because she was driving everybody crazy ringing it when she wanted some attention! Also, a couple weeks ago, when no one thought she could get out of bed anymore, her daughter heard something down the hall. Not only was she out of the bed (with the bed rails up) she was using the baby gate (they had on her door to keep the cat out of the room) as a walker! She was coming to the kitchen to 'help' with dinner!!!! So she was a pistol till the end and will be missed by all.

I wanna thank everybody that has left me a comment!!! You are all so sweet!!!! I laughed out loud when I read the one about the songs. I know most of them are random, they just all are songs I love and they make me happy when I hear them. I've read that it's not such a good idea to have music on your blog and I might take it off later, but for now, I think I'll leave it on. If someone doesn't like it, it can be turned off.

Well OK, gotta get some work done, I'll be posting soon! Thank you all so much for following me!!! I hope I can continue to inspire and keep learning as I go! It's a rainy day here (not a Monday) but I'm not gonna let it get me down! LOL

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  1. Baby, I am so blessed to have a beautiful wife that loves me, loves the Lord, and loves life. Thank you for loving my family, dispite all of our faults. You are an answer to my prayers.