Friday, October 30, 2009

Kids and Fall

I love Fall!
I don't think my kids love it as much as I do, but they will.
When they grow up, I know they will remember their goofy mother at the farmers market
looking for just the right heirloom pumpkins
and buying 25 mini pumpkins for their friends to paint at a birthday party.
The picture below is of our two youngest children.
Jonah our youngest, is 7, in the second grade.
And Deidra, our only daughter, is 12.
We were at the Fall Festival at their school.

I don't think I have to tell you they were NOT thrilled that I was making them pose for pictures.

It was hot and they wanted to play with friends.

Oh well, you know how 'us' mama's can be!!!

Here is Jonah, fresh after face painting. Oh, to be young.....
Face painting could make one so happy!!!!
Life is good!

We celebrated Deidra's Fall Costume Birthday Bash
a couple weeks ago and I thought you might enjoy a few pics.
Above is the invitations that my husband (aka big daddy) printed out.
I wanted to add a polka dot ribbon or something and I stopped at the dollar store on the way home and couldn't find I improvised.
When I got home. Deidra and I dragged out some artificial leaves and jute and just went to town!
I think they really turned out cute!
She took them to school (20 of them!!!!) to give to her friends. decided to rain, rain, rain, and to become so cold and windy!!!!
We had to move the event to the front yard...
So the back drop for the pics isn't what I had imagined it would be...
And we had to staple the tablecloths on,
And everything kept blowing off the table,
So the decorations were mimimal (not me AT ALL)!!!
but the kids didn't seem to mind!
(or they were too cold to care!)

The Doctor is in.


One of the tables had the stuff for smores, paint your own pumpkins, and beads to make your own necklaces.

Another table before the cupcakes were put out.

(ok, you caught me!!! I'm bad....I bought the cupcakes....

they are not homemade!!!!!!

I ran out of time!)

Sue me.

Table with fix it yourself caramel apples (beautiful, wonderful apples from the farmers market)
with all kinds of cool sprinkles and nuts to choose from.

Beefy Nachos and Cheese

Hot dogs (if you didn't want to roast your own)

Some if the scary (and not so scary) guests.
Deidra is the tall blond (princess) in the middle back with the
crooked crown.
The front of the house where they could cover up with blankets
and giggle.
Awwww, cupcakes magically appear!!!

Some of the girls thawing out in the house for awhile.

My sweet husband built the girls a fire for marshmallows, wieners, and warmth.

Fall decorations.

Girls hangin' out.

Happy 12th Birthday to Deidra!!! We love you!!!!

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