Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glass Dome from Newly Discovered Thrift Store!!!

Oh my Goodness!!!!!!!!!

There is a wonderful Thrift Store less than 6 blocks away from my office and I just found it today at Lunch!!!!!!

I have been passing right by it to go to my other Thrifts that I visit! Its just a little back off the road and I had no idea it was there!!!!

I even noticed, when I was checking out, that it was voted the #1 Thrift Store in North Alabama in 2008!

Here is picture as I was going in!!!! They had some great stuff and they seem very affordable AND everything seemed organized.

I like that!!!

Here is my 'find' for the day!.............

Wow! Can you believe it at a thrift store! $2.92! I've always wanted one of these, but I've never broke down and bought one!!!

You can see in the pic above that it's missing something on top

but that is an easy fix with a finial or something 'inventive'

OR maybe not anything!

I don't know if anyone would notice!

I love it!!!!!! SCORE for the new Thrift Store!!!!


  1. @cheapchichome. How, oh how, do you have time to blog in addition to everything else? Does it help you keep your sanity? (I have five children--although 2 are in college and I am just now having spare time! Anyway, I look forward to seeing how you are going to make this fabulous!

  2. Well Kim, I also have 2 college age, they both graduated high school last year, and I have 3 children left living here with us at home. But I love blogging!!!! I have just discoved it and it's all I want to do!!!! Of course, I can't do it 'ALL THE TIME'!!! NO FAIR!!! LOL. I also have a wonderful husband that helps me any way he can! I know how blessed I am. I haven't really been able to do anything for myself in Ohhhhhhhh....18 or 19 years now. So I guess it's time for a little 'me' time!!! Thank you so much for your comment!!!! When I see I have comments I get just giddy!!! I'm so excited that anyone would care to see my 'stuff'!!!!