Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Poor Poor Book

Do you ever feel like saying,
Why me?
I'm sure you do,
everybody does, right?
Well I have kind of a funny story for you.
I have been drooling over a huge,
hand blown cloche
at Trish Land for MONTHS now.
They are beautiful as well as expensive.
So I finally put one on lay-a-way.
I thought....
I won't feel as guilty,
if I just pay maybe $5 here and there.
Well, God stepped in.
I had gotten some really cool
Enamel French House Numbers
from a Rummage Sale
and when I took them in for my friend
to see that owns the shop...
She just had to have them!
She basically said I wasn't leaving with them.
Don't get me wrong,
I LIKED them,
and I'm really sure I coulda' took her
if it had come down to it...
But to save all that.......
I traded her for the beautiful Cloche
I've been wanting.........

(Sorry, bad pics, took with my cell phone)

and she also threw in several

other things in to make it EVEN MORE

appealing to me.

One thing that closed the deal

was this DELIGHTFUL French Decorating Book.

The LAST one in the store I have to say.
I loved it!!!
with wonderful photographs
that I had only begun to explore.
I said had.
In my haste to get home from work
and unload the car
to get 2 kids to
2 separate ball practices,
on 2 completely different sides of town.....
I (notice I have NO ONE else to blame here)
must have left my prized book
and a Victoria magazine on the back of my car.
I didn't even think of it
until we got to the ball field
and I started to look for it
so I could longingly savor the glorious photographs of France and all the wonderful
decorating that is only French
while my kids played in the red dirt.
So I called our 17yr old son
still at home,
he went to the street to look for it for me.
He found the Victoria magazine,
that I had gotten at the THRIFT STORE
by the way.
My book, however,
my $40 book
that I probably wouldn't,
in a million years,
buy for myself,
Not a sign of it anywhere.
Oh well,
easy come.........


  1. OH NOOO!!!! Oh, I think I might have cried a little! I'm sorry!! I have this awesome book store full of discounted books, I will keep an eye out for you! That just stinks, hope the rest of your weeks goes better...

  2. Thanks Regan, and if it would have helped....or I hadn't been in public....I probably would have cried!!!!