Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to make a terrarium

I have fallen in love with all the French/Country/Farmhouse decorating.
I think one of the reasons I love it so much is that I can use what I have on hand.
Things I've inherited or thrifted or someone passed on to me because they didn't want it anymore!
These are the things most people
wouldn't find appealing at all.
But somehow, once you get it arranged.
And as Christopher Lowell used to say, you put your hand to it.
Suddenly, it takes on a new life
And people will say,
"I would have never thought to do that"
I wouldn't either.
Sometimes its just a happy accident,
or I have copied something I've seen in a magazine or on blog!
I just look around
and see what I have
or what I can make that is similar,
then I just start,
and somehow.....
it just comes together!
So today, just because I am so happy
to finally have it finished...
I'm going to show you the terrarium I just finished this past weekend.
It all started with this pile of stuff !
I just went around my house trying to find some rustic things....

I had found the small spice jars

on clearance at Anthropology !!!!!

(which I love, love, love, but normally can't afford).

I think this brass thing

is an old watering can.

I just love the look of it!!!

I found it a few weeks ago at the SA for $1.25!!!!

Yes, I said $1.25!

The rocks and round decorative pieces I got at a yard sale I think last year.

The moss, bird nest, and robin eggs

I purchased recently

(very inexpensively)

to use in Easter Decorations.

And the plants I got from one of my FAVORITE local stores called Trish Land!

I will be featuring this wonderful place soon!

I have to show you what wonderful things

they have!

I think me and the owner Trish

are kindred spirits!

Because we love all the same things!

She also has a wonderful eye

and an amazing gift!!!

She can just place things and make them look FABULOUS!!!!

And here is the terrarium I'm going to use. Isn't it cute?!!!!!

I know, I love it without anything in it!!!

So, I just started adding stuff in,
Spanish moss on the bottom for filler....
Then some green moss...
Then stuff.....
Then more stuff......
And before long (like 5 minutes)
it turned out to look like this!

I know, cute huh?!!!!

The bell cloche in the top on the right

is an old candle holder turned upside down

that used to sit in a wire base.

I did add a couple more things to the back right corner after this pic was taken.

My youngest son, Jonah, went out and found some 'nature' things he wanted me to add in.

What a sweetie pie he is!

Do you see the

small terracotta pot
right in the middle?
It is some wheat grass
Jonah and I are waiting to grow.
My friend Trish I was just telling you about
grows this grass from seeds
in all sorts of containers
and it is just beautiful!!!
I was in the other day and she planted some
in this little pot so me and my little ones
could watch how fast and easy it grows.
Its just been a couple days
since I took this pic
and its grown like 2 inches!!!!

So that's all there is to it!!!

Just use what you have,
add a couple plants
and you have a one of a kind terrarium!!
I love mine!!!
And the plants do too!!!
They thrive in their glass house!!!
You hardly have to water them at all!!!
I try to just check every day or two
and I keep a spray bottle handy
and just give um a mist or two
if they look thursty or feel dry.
So now......
I wanna see yours!!!!!

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  1. I totally love you ;)..thanks so much for your kind words! It made my morning!