Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Browsing around at Anthropology

Hello My Bloggy Friends.

I thought I would share with you some photos
I snapped (with my cell phone)
a couple weekends ago
when I was privileged enough
to get to go to the Anthropology store
at a nearby outside Shopping Center.

Its always a treat for me to go
and get wonderful ideas
of how they can make the simple,
utilitarian pieces,
and make them extraordinary!

Often, just by how they arrange their merchandise.

My wonderful, patient,
and loving husband
as well as my two youngest,
well behaved children
accompanied me on this venture,

however, they all gave out
after a few minutes
and just sat down on some
of the wonderful pieces of worn
and comfortable pieces of furniture
they happen to have there
(I wonder if that's happened before? HMMMM).

Anyhoo, on this trip,
I actually got to buy something there!!!

Which is actually,
I'm almost ashamed to say it....

the first time, EVER
at this wonderful store!!!
(but I hope not the last!)

Remember, I posted a this pic of this a couple weeks ago?

These spice jars were on clearance

for under $2 each!!!!

I know....

Don't hate me.

I tried to find numbers in order,
but I was too late for that.

So I just went for random numbers.

But actually,

now that I have them,

I like the random numbers better!!!

My 8 year old son, Jonah,

used his $2 he had saved to buy himself one.

Takin' after his mama.

I'm so proud!

He has his jar

in his room

with his very smallest rocks in his collection.

So after I looked through the store once,

I then went through and snapped a few pics

to share with you.

How great is this mirror on an old door!!!!

This looks just like one of those

70's Gold Mirrors

you find at garage sales all the time!!!!

But the paint and distressing makes all the difference!!!

I can recreate this one for sure!!!!

And there is my cute (and sometimes goofy)

husband's reflection

in the awesome mirror.

Moss covered foam block?!!!!

Ahhhhh, yeah, I think I can do that!!!!

Moss covered foam ball???

Yeah again!!!!

I like these shelves,

and if you will look closer at the way the pitcher is hanging....

Looks like iron S hooks,

Love those.

Do you see the spoon?

Here it is close up....

Really cute idea to stamp

old silver or silver plate spoons
to label plants.
I love that idea!!!

Random cuteness!

That cute little decorator
over there looking at knobs is
my Jonah.

I love the primitive boxes used as a shelves.

Well, there he is again!!!

And there is my most beautiful daughter, Deidra.
She's 12 and she informed me that
she LOVES this bed!
I think you can really mix and match
anything you like these days!!!!
Who would have ever thought ruffles would come back?
Especially on the front of blouses????!!!!

They say that home design
follows fashion design.
I guess the comforter and
lots of the pillows I've seen lately
proves thats true!!!

And this last pic is of the store next door
that my pre-teen dragged me into.
Oh Lord, help me!
Goin on 16!!!


I hope you enjoyed our little tour of

I have now officially subscribed to their

and actually already gotten it in the mail.

But it's not as good as the store,

moss covered outside walls and all.

Luv it!!!

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  1. Oooooooh....Ahhhhh.....

    Can I go to Anthropolgy next time with you?? ;) Looks like a toy store, to me! I don't know how you walked out of there without breaking the bank!

    ♣Erin Go Brach!♣