Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apothocary Jars -n- eggs

Hello My Friends.
I hope you are all are having a wonderful day!!!
Can you believe it's finally turning spring?!!!!
I'm so glad!!!!
Although..... in my world.....
this means freezing while watching the kids at baseball/softball practices!!!!
I mean....Burrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
But pretty soon.....
We'll all be so hot and sunburned and we will wish for just a little breeze!!!!!
I haven't done a lot of
Easter Decorating yet.......
even though......
I've had the best of intentions!!!!
I did do a quick project for a table at my office.
I thought you might like to have a peek!!!!
My Supplies......

These apothecary jars I got at TJ Maxx

a while back.

I love the size of these

and they were very inexpensive!!!

One of them is a little uneven

on the bottom

and will rock back and forth just a little bit...

but that doesn't bother me in the least!!!

Do you know how many ways you can use an apothecary jar!!!!!!

The possibilities are endless!!!

I had some of these other things

from left over projects at home.

The little eggs and chicks

are on sale at Hobby Lobby and

are about a dollar!!!!

For the whole pack!!!

I just layered
some of the spanish moss
and green moss
and put in some of the eggs and chicks in.
Cute huh?
These cute rabbits I found about a month ago at the Thrift Store.
Mrs. Rabbit needs a little basket or something.

Here's the whole little scene so far.

I know I will probably add some more fufu

but I though they turned out to be cute.

I purchased the Amazing Grace plaque

with the rusty nail

last year for the office,

and I've kept it out all year.

I'll probably end up taking one of these jars

home and paring each one with a cloche.

I think that will look good,

but I thought I'd give you a quick,

easy and cheap idea to decorate for Easter.

Have you started decorating yet?

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